Ever think, “Hey, I should start a blog!” But then it never happened? Or maybe you got it going, put a few posts up there, and then became too busy with other stuff?

Contribute to our blog! C4E is actively seeking contributors. Read below to get a feel for what this blog is all about (or just browse our articles!). Then reach out to us if you’d like to contribute. 

C4E’s blog is dedicated to building a community of college professors and instructors willing to share their insights and experiences in higher education teaching. We understand the passions and pains that college faculty face in their day-to-day teaching activities, professional lives and academic pursuits. The authors are people like you!

Topics of interest:

  • Teaching and pedagogy
  • Introductory courses – particularly (but not necessarily) in our core disciplines of music, sociology, public speaking, nutrition, psychology and college writingKid typing 2.
  • Class activities and assignments
  • Discipline specific insight
  • Professional advice
  • Student-centered learning
  • Online learning, hybrid teaching, and flipped classrooms
  • Writing and research advice
  • Technology and courseware
  • Blog writing and social media
  • Your suggestions!

Who are our authors:

The posts here are authored by professors, instructors, and C4E staff members. Some of the authors have used C4E web textbooks or courseware in the courses they teach – but many have not. Contributors do need not have used our publications, or to be specialists in music, sociology, public speaking, nutrition, psychology or college writing. We do not require that a post promotes C4E. We try to publish posts that have an appeal across disciplines.