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Empathizing with your Online Students

Get a student’s perspective by taking a few online courses yourself! Typically, when I post my personal introduction to an online class at the beginning of a session, I include my education and experience information, but I also make sure to empathize …

Music Dictionary

The best music dictionary on the web is completely free! In partnership with Virginia Tech, Connect For Education (C4E) has redesigned and enhanced the original Virginia Tech music dictionary to bring you the brand new OnMusic Dictionary—an online music reference used by …

Going Beyond the Music in Jazz Education

Stephen Hopkins is a music theorist, composer, and professor at Penn State University, and the author of OnMusic Jazz. The digital text teaches aural listening skills, and how to write thoughtful analyses of individual compositions. It also includes access to Spotify playlists, …

Perception vs. Reality

I had the privilege of being a performing instrumentalist from the time I started playing in youth groups through the many years I performed professionally in New York City before I fully turned my attention to conducting. Particularly as a percussionist/timpanist, I …
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online students
Empathizing with your Online Students
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