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Empathizing with your Online Students

Get a student’s perspective by taking a few online courses yourself! Typically, when I post my personal introduction to an online class at the beginning of a session, I include my education and experience information, but I also make sure to empathize …
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Teaching Through Conferences

Teaching through conferences It’s a practical reality that English composition teachers have to instruct the group as a whole. Especially in the freshman and sophomore courses, there are required elements that we all have to cover, like the rhetorical analysis of an …
Grading Online Dicsussions

Grading Online Discussions

Grading Online Discussions Using Rubrics Scott Warnock, PhD | Associate Professor of English, Drexel University | Director, Drexel Writing Center and University Writing Program This post originally appeared on Online Writing Teacher. C4E wishes to thank Professor Warnock for allowing us to repost here.  “But how …
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Determining Reliable Nutrition Information

Determining Reliable Nutrition Information Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE How do you get students to stop believing “stuff” they read on the internet? Before taking a nutrition science class, most students’ exposure to nutrition information has been incorrect, misleading, or false material …
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Online Tools for Nutrition Education

Bringing Nutrition to Life With Interactive Online Tools Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE Regardless of your area of teaching expertise, most educators would agree that a student’s likelihood of mastering a new subject is cemented in the earliest weeks of a class. …
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Student Evaluations Can be Helpful: And Here’s How
online students
Empathizing with your Online Students
Popular vs. Scholarly Sources 101
Social Justice
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