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Music Theory Gamification

Whitney Berry, PH.D., discusses her cutting edge approach to music theory gamification – “Theory Survivor.” Connect For Education (C4E): What is your music background and education? Whitney Berry: I have an undergraduate degree in music education, a Master’s degree in music composition and a …
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Reading Chord Symbols

How to Read and Write Chord Symbols The ability to read a chord symbol and name the pitches of its chord is an essential skill for all musicians. I use it constantly in all of my music theory, analysis and orchestration courses to …

My Scoffable Final Exam

Jan Miyake, Associate Professor of Music at Oberlin Conservatory Discusses Building a Student-Centered Final Exam I can tell I’m getting older.  I used to scoff at all sorts of ideas that I thought were simply too lax (Pass/No Pass grading, redos, singing …

Rhythms are Boring; Rhythm Is Fascinating

What do students learn about rhythm? Mostly these things, which are all essentials: Rhythm (in most music…) is based on a series of steady “beats,” which are somehow organized into metric patterns (duple or triple, simple or compound, and so forth) based …

Teaching the Perfect Tune

A starting point for engaging students is picking a great musical composition. The right music piques student curiosity, and gets them thinking about music in new ways For almost any topic, I tend to follow these principles: Find a single piece or whole …
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