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Empathizing with your Online Students

Get a student’s perspective by taking a few online courses yourself! Typically, when I post my personal introduction to an online class at the beginning of a session, I include my education and experience information, but I also make sure to empathize …

Perception vs. Reality

I had the privilege of being a performing instrumentalist from the time I started playing in youth groups through the many years I performed professionally in New York City before I fully turned my attention to conducting. Particularly as a percussionist/timpanist, I …

The Hybrid Approach to Teaching Conducting

In this post, conductor, professor and author, Paul Hostetter describes his journey into conducting and teaching; and how his experience in the classroom and concert hall inspired him to author a web-based conducting methods textbook. The desire to author a conducting text …
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Student Evaluations Can be Helpful: And Here’s How
online students
Empathizing with your Online Students
Popular vs. Scholarly Sources 101
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