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Three Things to Help Gain Good Rapport with Students

Musicologist, Dr. Ginny Lamothe of Belmont Univ. shares her approach for building good rapport with today’s students both inside and outside of the classroom. The relationship between professors and their students is central to not only the learning process for the student, but also to …

Extra Credit Strategies & Alternatives

  Turn your extra credit assignments into life long learning experiences  by Tasha Davis, Associate Professor, Austin Community College It’s closing in on the end of the semester. Your days are likely filled with hurried grading and frantic emails and visits from panicked …
Writing Pedagogy Classroom Community

Classroom Politics in College Writing Pedagogy

Considering “Classroom” Politics (Formerly Known as Classroom Community) Denise K. Comer, Associate Professor of the Practice of Writing Studies and Director of First-Year Writing, Duke University One of—if not the—most important features of writing pedagogy: considering classroom politics. Broadly conceived, this involves considering …
student evaluations
Student Evaluations Can be Helpful: And Here’s How
online students
Empathizing with your Online Students
Popular vs. Scholarly Sources 101
Social Justice
Mere Education