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Empathizing with your Online Students

Get a student’s perspective by taking a few online courses yourself! Typically, when I post my personal introduction to an online class at the beginning of a session, I include my education and experience information, but I also make sure to empathize …
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Why Not Make a Podcast?

Final Projects that Promote Community and Career Development I teach an upper-level class on the history of popular music in America called “The Evolution of the Popular Song.”  The course is a requirement for Belmont’s students whose emphasis or major is in …
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Streaming Music Basics for Professors

The Power of Streaming Music in Teaching and Learning the basics for professors and instructors For many music fans, 2015 ended on a high note. On Christmas Eve, the music of The Beatles became available in a streaming format for the first time. At …
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Podcasts in Teaching and Learning

Using Podcasts To Enhance Teaching and Learning Professor Katie Ferraro (MPH, RD, CDE) talks about how to incorporate this popular medium into college pedagogy Consumer awareness of and interest in podcasts has reached an all-time high. Podcasting refers to the use of online audio content …
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Student Evaluations Can be Helpful: And Here’s How
online students
Empathizing with your Online Students
Popular vs. Scholarly Sources 101
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