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Cheating and Stealing

Cheating, Lying, Stealing This week at our company, Connect For Education (C4E), we return to a periodic task that we loathe. We loathe it on principle, we loathe the mundane time-intensive nature of the actual work involved, we loathe that we have to keep doing …

Music Dictionary

The best music dictionary on the web is completely free! In partnership with Virginia Tech, Connect For Education (C4E) has redesigned and enhanced the original Virginia Tech music dictionary to bring you the brand new OnMusic Dictionary—an online music reference used by …
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Reading Chord Symbols

How to Read and Write Chord Symbols The ability to read a chord symbol and name the pitches of its chord is an essential skill for all musicians. I use it constantly in all of my music theory, analysis and orchestration courses to …

My Scoffable Final Exam

Jan Miyake, Associate Professor of Music at Oberlin Conservatory Discusses Building a Student-Centered Final Exam I can tell I’m getting older.  I used to scoff at all sorts of ideas that I thought were simply too lax (Pass/No Pass grading, redos, singing …
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Music Appreciation Teaching Resources

Great Resources for Teaching Music Appreciation and other Music Survey Courses for Non-Music Majors Teaching something as broad as ‘music appreciation’ or ‘listening to music’ or ‘music in our world’ can be a daunting task. And for most instructors, teaching music appreciation …
student evaluations
Student Evaluations Can be Helpful: And Here’s How
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Empathizing with your Online Students
Popular vs. Scholarly Sources 101
Social Justice
Mere Education